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Review: *** The Leisure Seeker

The Memory of Love

It’s a grim commentary that so many films in recent years have used Alzheimer’s as a plot device; films ranging from the okay (The Notebook) to the masterful (Still Alice).  

Alzheimer’s is on our minds, whether we admit it or not, and filmmakers are forever striving to balance the ravaging effects of the memory-robbing disease with hopeful, human drama.

And sometimes gentle comedy. In The Leisure Seeker, four writers and director Paolo Virzi endeavor to paint a picture of one couple’s effort to make happy memories even when memory is fading. 

The result is uneven, but the stars’ presence makes up for the gaps in storytelling. 

Ella and John (Helen Miren and Donald Sutherland) have been married forever. He was a brilliant professor of literature; she was his stay-at-home helpmate. He was a New England intellectual; she was a proper Southern belle (and yes, Mirren pretty much nails the accent, except for when her character gets really angry and hints of The King’s English filter through). 

Now John is drifting into dementia, and Ella is facing her own health crisis. 

We find them in their trusty old motor home, called The Leisure Seeker, driving south for one last (READ MORE)


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