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MOVIE REVIEW: Elle Fanning shines as the mother of  scifi in Mary Shelley

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"Solo" Doesn't Go It Alone

 Bill: It used to be we’d have to wait three years between Star Wars movies; now they seem to come along every three months or so. And here’s Solo, which tells the origin story of Han Solo from the original Star Wars series.

Arch: It’s mostly a triumph of marketing, with some good scenes thrown in. There’s a chase scene in the middle that I thought was pretty good. I like Alden Erenreich, who plays a young Han Solo, and I like Emilia Clarke, who plays his love interest.

Bill: She’s from Game of Thrones, so she’s comfortable working in front of a green screen. I agree, she’s very good, but I don’t think she can stick around very long in this series, can she? I mean, the clock is ticking until Han falls for Princess Leia. 

Arch: She’s already turning bad, I think.


Bill: I find it interesting that no matter how many Star Wars movies we see, we tend to say, “It’s the same movie over and over again.” But you and I were at the same screening, and  (FULL REVIEW)


Memorial Day: Hollywood Remembers The Fallen

Memorial Day isn't about picnics or vacation. It isn't even about honoring veterans. It's about The Fallen. These classic films, while refusing to glorify war, nevertheless pay tribute to the men and women who paid the ultimate price for their country.


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