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"Big Sonia" is Your New Big Hero...PLUS "Orient Express" Review; "Casablanca" and "Speed Racer" Return

Movie Review: **** Mr. Roosevelt

Small Town, Big Trouble

    Not too often a movie ends, the lights go up, and the first thing on your mind is: “What is this filmmaker doing to do next?”            

That was my state of mind after Mr. Roosevelt, a frothy-looking but sneakily soulful comedy from Noël Wells, who writes, directs, and stars in the story of a struggling young LA comedian named Emily who experiences a reluctant re-entry into the life she left behind in her native Austin, TX.           

We meet Emily in the middle of what is clearly the latest in scores of auditions, racing through her catalogue of quirky impersonations before a panel of unimpressed producers. She doesn’t get the job (of course), but the worst thing that happens to her that day is a phone call from her old live-in boyfriend back in Austin: There’s a pending death in the family, and she needs to get back there pronto.           

It is both a necessity and a spoiler to relay that the sickly personage is Emily’s (READ MORE)


VIDEO Witness a Miracle: "Alive Inside"


The documentary "Alive Inside" tells the story of social worker Dan Cohen's crusade to help Alzheimer's patients reclaim their most precious musical memories thanks to IPods programmed with songs from their youth. I sat down with Cohen and director Michael Rossato-Bennett to talk about the film and share some of its most moving moments.

For more about the movie and link to view it on ITunes, go to: http://www.aliveinside.us


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