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REVIEW:Unbroken: Path to Redemption The story continues in a stirring sequel


Review: White Boy Rick ***

A True Story of Drug-Infused '80s Detroit


White Boy Rick ***

Matthew McConaughey stars as the father of Ricky Wersche Jr. a kid who in the 1980s was enlisted by Detroit drug enforcement cops to become an undercover informant. 

As played by teen newcomer Richie Merritt, Ricky is a sullen little punk looking for trouble, and aided by the fact that his dad, a licensed firearms dealer, doesn’t seem to mind his son selling AK-47s on the street for fun and profit. 

Director Yann Demange doesn’t ask us to sympathize with the kid until he gets sentenced to life in prison, and by then it’s too late. 


Video: Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Bill sits down with the son of the film's real-life hero.


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