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WEEKEND  Portrait of the artist as a hedonist: Gauguin:Voyage to Tahiti 

Review: Woman Walks Ahead

Painting History

   A paint-by-numbers script labors mightily to sink this sprawling story of a New York portrait artist (Jessica Chastain) who braves the perils of the Wild West to paint Chief Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes) — but thanks to earnest performances by a splendid cast and some truly spectacular photography, the film becomes, if not a must-see, at least a wonder to behold. 


Based on a true story (do yourself a favor and don’t Google the actual facts quite yet), Woman Walks Ahead introduces us to painter Catherine Weldon, whose privileged upbringing has done nothing to dampen her spunky spirit. Recently divorced, she refuses to retreat into society’s shadows and instead uses an inheritance to embark on an art career. 


We meet Catherine as she is heading to Dakota territory, uninvited, to paint Sitting Bull, who is living in exile under the watchful eye of the U.S. Cavalry. Of course, no one wants her there (including, at first, Sitting Bull himself), but also of course, plucky Catherine prevails despite being imprisoned, browbeaten, and even spat upon. 


Foremost among those resisting the artist is Silas, an embittered Cavalry officer played by Sam Rockwell with his usual cocky, cocked-head bemusement. A veteran of the Indian Wars, Silas has seen and partaken in horrors that are unspeakable — except for (FULL REVIEW)


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This week  Bill reviews "Mama Mia! Here We Go Again" and "Gaugin: Voyage to Tahiti" his tribute to Discovery Channel's 30th Annual Shark Week


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