TIFF Video Blog Compilation

Live From the Toronto International Film Festival


2018: The Saturday Evening Post Podcast

From the Toronto International Film Festival: Bill's review of The Old Man And The Gun — and as Love, Gilda comes to theaters, a visit to Toronto's Second City, where Gilda Radner got her start. 

2018: Directing Redford's Last Movie

"The Old Man And The Gun" director David Lowery tells Bill Newcott about guiding the film legend through what Redford insists will be his final film. 

2018: 10 Upcoming Movies You've GOT to See!

The most anticipated films from now through New Year's had their debuts at TIFF

2017: The Best of Toronto 2017

Including the Oscar-winning "Shape of Water."

2017: Toronto — Canada's Movie Capital

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Bill reviews five films from Toronto's leading landmarks.

2016: Seven Days in the Dark

Seven Days In the Dark: A compilation of my Daily Video Blogs from the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

2015: Bill Murray — Why I Still Watch "Ghostbusters"

He can't help himself. 

2014: One Day at TIFF

How fast does a day at the Toronto International Film Festival go? Yep, that fast.

2014: Denzel And the Big Bang

At the TIFF press conference for The Equalizer, Bill asks Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua about the inevitable shot of Denzel calmly walking away from a fiery explosion.