Ken Burns: The Sting of Vietnam

As his 18-hour film about the Vietnam war airs on PBS, co-director/producer Ken Burns tells Bill Newcott why the conflict's scars still endure for those who fought on both sides.  

The 15 Greatest Muppet Moments

Jim Henson's creations turned 60 in 2016. Here's a look back at the Muppets' most magical moments


The movies have always loved baseball. How many of these hardball classics can you name before the credits roll?

The 30 Best Labor Day Movies In 2 Minutes!

These classic films really know how to work it. Can you name them all? (Answers at the end)

Ronny Cox: Movies Music and Me

Even longtime fans of actor Ronny Cox may be surprised to see him pick up a guitar in his new family drama Pure Country, Pure Heart. But the star of "Deliverance" and Robocop tells Bill Newcott music has always been his first love.

Happy Shark Week 2017!

Discovery Channel's Shark Week is always one of our favorite times of year; not only do we get a whole week of chomping, doll's-eyes fury, but we also get to recall our favorite sharky cinematic moments. How many of these do you remember?

A New Age of Women Directors?

As Irish director Aisling Walsh's ingeniously understated Maudie hits theaters, Bill Newcott looks at a history of women behind the camera--beginning with the first.

Christopher Plummer's Triumph

At age 87, The Exception star Christopher Plummer is finding the juiciest roles of his long career--and that's an inspiration to people like Janet McTeer, who plays his wife in the film. In fact, she says, Plummer's late-career bravery reminds her of another immortal actor.

When Churchill Met Stewie

When Churchill star Brian Cox was doing research in preparation for playing Britain's World War II leader, he found an unusually animated source of inspiration: Family Guy's temperamental baby Stewey Griffin

43 Movie Dads In 2 Minutes

Happy Father's Day!

Katharine Ross: Ageless

Costarring with her husband Sam Eliott for the first time in 26 years, Oscar nominee Katharine Ross tells how "The Hero" resembles her hubby...and reflects on why older actresses still have to scrounge for good roles.

It Was 50 Years Ago Today

On the 50th anniversary of  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Bill Newcott unwraps a brand-new vinyl copy. Remember this...?

Hugh Jackman in "Oklahoma!"

As Shout!Factory releases the future Wolverine's 1998 stage musical on Blu-ray, we compare him to Gordon MacRae in the 1955 big-screen version. BONUS: Who's that singing for Peter O'Toole in "Man of La Mancha?"

Dennis Miller: The Wasp Woman

This Movie is One Killer B

Janet McTeer: "Paint It Black"

The Oscar-nominated actress tells us about playing the spooky central character in this film noir thriller

Dennis Miller: Godzilla!

When The King of the Monsters Met Perry Mason

Dennis Miller: Let Us Prey!

Comedian Dennis Miller has been a fan of B-grade monster movies since he was a kid, and he's sharing his favorites on Turner Classic Movies. Here's his exclusive preview of one of his top guilty pleasures, "The Deadly Mantis." 

Paul Newman: His Own Man


Paul Newman: His Own Man

It's been 50 years since he changed Hollywood's idea of a hero  in "Cool Hand Luke." Meet the man who defined stardom in his own terms

Beauty and The Beast? Bah!

Is New Always Better?

Dennis Miller: Kong Is King

As he hosts a month of classic monster movies on Turner Classic Movies, comedian Dennis Miller tells us why the Big Monkey remains the chimp of choice