Family is everything to Vito Corleone. Here's his list of fathering tips you can't refuse. 

Memorial Day: A Cinematic Tribute


Stanley Donen: The Musical Master

His movie musicals were often criticized for being stage-bound, but it was Donen who kicked open the studio door to pioneer on-location musicals with classics like "On The Town" and "Funny Face."

Andre Previn: The Composer's Collection

11 Oscar Nominations, 4 Oscar Wins, A Lifetime of Movie Music Memories

Happy Shark Week 2018~

As The Discovery Channel launches its 30th Annual Shark Week, here's our tribute to the movies all-time greatest sharks.

Baseball's Greatest Movie Hits!

The movies have always loved baseball. How many of these hardball classics can you name before the final credits roll?


John Mahoney: The Brit From Chicago

Late Frasier costar John Mahoney made his career playing hard-boiled guys from Chicago—but as he told Bill Newcott, he grew up in England...and had the worst time trying to lose his accent.

It Was 50 Years Ago Today

On the 50th anniversary of  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Bill Newcott unwraps a brand-new vinyl copy. Remember this...?

Paul Newman: His Own Man


Paul Newman: His Own Man

It's been 50 years since he changed Hollywood's idea of a hero  in "Cool Hand Luke." Meet the man who defined stardom in his own terms

Beauty and The Beast? Bah!

Is New Always Better?